My premium features are missing! What happened?

First, you will ALWAYS have access to the premium features you've purchased in Squid. If your premium features appear to be missing, this is an error. There are multiple reasons why your premium features might appear to be missing.

Step 1, try rebooting your device. If that doesn't work, please follow the guides below to troubleshoot and fix the issue.


First, try going to the Squid settings, then tap Help and support, then tap Restore purchases. Alternatively, try "killing" Squid by tapping Force Stop on Squid's app info screen from the Application manager in your device settings, then open Squid again.

Google Play

If you've made purchases in Squid through Google Play, please see My premium features I purchased through Google Play are missing! What happened?

Recently reinstalled Squid

If you recently reinstalled Squid (after factory resetting your device, getting a new device, etc.) it can sometimes take a little while for your previous in-app purchases to be detected. Depending on which store you purchased the premium features from (e.g. Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Samsung GALAXY Apps), the store needs to notify Squid of your previous purchases. Usually, this is instant but sometimes can take a few hours.

Premium feature purchases are not transferable across different app stores, accounts, or platforms. If you previously downloaded Squid and purchased any of the premium features from one store (e.g. Google Play, Samsung GALAXY Apps) and then updated or reinstalled Squid through a different store or a different account, your purchases may no longer be visible in Squid. The easiest way to fix this is to make sure you always download and update Squid from the store you made the in-app purchases through.

Premium features still missing?

If none of the above works, please contact us at with as much detail as possible!

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