How do I cast and present to a Chromecast or external display?

When a Chromecast or external display¹ is detected, the cast/present icon will appear in the Squid toolbar. Tap the cast/present icon to connect to the Chromecast or external display. The Squid splash screen or the current note will appear on the external display.

If you don’t see the cast/present icon in Squid, please ensure that casting is enabled in the app settings:

  1. Open the Squid settings
  2. Tap Casting and presenting
  3. Make sure that the Enable box is checked
  4. Optional: You can also choose to begin a presentation automatically when a note is opened

After following the above steps, if you still do not see the cast/present icon in Squid, please make sure you are properly connected to the external display. For example, for a Chromecast, make sure you’re on the same WiFi network, and for Miracast or other wireless display technology, please make sure your device is connected first (you should see your device’s screen mirrored to the Miracast display).

¹ An external display is a display that's connected via an HDMI cable, Miracast, or other wired or wireless display technology.

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