Google Workspace: Enable Google Drive Auto Backup on Managed Android Devices

The instructions below are a replacement for Part 2 of this article if you are deploying Squid to managed Android devices instead of managed Chrome OS devices. If you haven't already, please also complete Part 1: Add domain-wide delegation for Squid.

  1. In the Google Admin console, navigate to Apps > Web and mobile apps and select Squid from the list of apps.
  2. Click Settings, then under Managed configuration click Add Configuration.
  3. Enter a configuration name (such as "Google Drive Auto Backup"), enable the Force Enable Google Drive Backup option (see example below), and click Save.

    Example managed configuration to force enable Google Drive backup
  4. [Optional] Choose a subset of users for which you want to enforce Google Drive Auto Backup using the Organizational Units, Groups, and Users options on the left. By default, the entire OU should be selected.
  5. Under Managed configuration, click the menu and select the managed configuration you created in step 3, then click Save.

Please note that this will force enable backup to Google Drive for all users this configuration is applied to. These users will not be able to switch from Drive to a different cloud storage provider.

If you have any issues, please check out this Google help page under Step 2: Configure app settings > Set up Android apps with managed configurations. If that doesn’t answer your question, please reach out to us.

If you also completed Part 1: Add domain-wide delegation for Squid, then that's it! Your user's notes will now automatically backup to their Drive.

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