Backup failed: Another backup is in progress

The backup error "Another device is backing up to the same cloud folder" occurs when either:

  • Multiple devices are attempting to backup to the same cloud folder at the same time.
  • A previous backup from another device or install¹ of Squid to the same cloud folder failed or is incomplete.

How to fix

  1. If you have multiple devices with Squid, make sure they are not backing up to the same cloud folder.
  2. If you're using the same cloud folder as a previous install¹ or device, make sure the previous backup has completed successfully (if possible). If you no longer have access to that device or install¹ of Squid, you can delete the file that starts with .backup within the Backup folder in your cloud folder. After this you should be able to successfully create a backup from Squid where you were seeing the error.

We recommend not using the same cloud folder between active devices. Not only could you run into this issue, but each install¹ of Squid will overwrite the other backup.

¹Install: Refers to Squid the app on your device and all your Squid data that is saved locally on that device. Uninstalling and reinstalling or clearing the app data will result in a "new install" of Squid on that device.

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