Does Squid work with the DirectStylus?

NVIDIA DirectStylus enabled devices come with a passive/capacitive stylus called the DirectStylus, which acts a lot like an active pen. The DirectStylus is capable of:

  • pressure sensitive input
  • differentiating between DirectStylus and finger touch
  • eraser tip on some devices

Using the DirectStylus with Squid allows for:

  • pressure sensitive (natural) handwriting
  • write with the pen, erase with your finger ¹
  • erase using the opposite end of the pen ¹ ²

¹ Configurable in the Squid settings.

² Available on DirectStylus devices with an eraser tip (although it can take some practice for the device to pick up the eraser tip properly).

Known DirectStylus enabled devices include, but are not limited to:

  • NVIDIA Tegra NOTE 7
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