What can I do with my pen side button?

Squid supports using the pen side button on capable devices. This allows quick access to certain tools and actions. By default, you can hold the pen side button to use the selection tool without having to change the current tool from the tool picker.

In addition, the following gestures are supported. Hold the pen side button, touch the pen tip to the screen, and

  • flick left to undo
  • flick right to redo
  • flick up to open the color picker
  • flick down to open the tool picker

The pen side button behavior can be changed in the Squid settings under Input methods, then Primary side button. For more details, see How do I configure my active pen/stylus?


Unfortunately, Google currently blocks the use of the side button in third-party apps on ChromeOS. If you have a device with a side button, such as the Pixelbook Pen, it can only be used with the Google Assistant. If you would like to use the side button in Squid and other third-party apps, please contact Google support and request that they change this! See this article for more details.

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