How do I create a backup?

Google Drive Backup

To create a backup in Google Drive, see How do I create a backup in Google Drive?

Local Backup

You can create a backup file of all your notes in Squid and save it to your device or SD card. To do this, navigate to the Squid settings, tap Backup and restore, then Local backup, then Create backup and choose a location on your device or SD card to save the backup file. Once a backup has been created, you can restore the backup by tapping Restore backup and choosing the backup file on your device. Please be aware that restoring a backup file will delete any existing notes you have (restoring Squid to the state when the backup was created).

Cloud Backup

Squid 0.2.3 introduced a new premium feature (in-app purchase) called Cloud Backup that enables you to backup your notes to cloud storage providers like Dropbox and Box.

With the Cloud Backup in-app purchase, you can backup all your notes and save them to a specific device folder in Dropbox or Box. Then, you can restore a particular backup for a device (or on another device) if you have performed a factory reset, uninstalled the app, or deleted notes you didn't mean to. When you restore a backup, you are restoring all your notes at once to the previous state. You can setup a backup interval to keep your backup in Dropbox and/or Box up-to-date.

In addition, you can export all your notes as PDFs to Dropbox and Box either manually or at a set interval as well. This will keep a copy of all your notes available on any device that can view PDFs and has access to your Dropbox/Box account.

Advanced Users

Squid stores data as outlined in this article. Advanced users can backup their notes either by making a backup of the application + data or by making a copy of the Squid data files (root users only).

Using 'adb backup'

Starting with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), you can backup applications and their data using the adb backup command. To do this you must have the adb tool (Android Debug Bridge) included with the Android SDK. You can backup Squid with the command

adb backup -f <backupFilename> -apk

and restore Squid with the command

adb restore <backupFilename>

For more information, run adb help .

Manually backup Squid data (root users only)

If you have root access on your device, you can make a copy of the files listed in this article, based on the version of Squid you are running. Restoring these files after re-installing Squid should restore all your notes (although this is not guaranteed). Note that if you overwrite an existing database file with a backup, any notes stored in the database being replaced will be lost.

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