Cloud Backup

With the Cloud Backup premium feature, you can back up all your notes in Squid in their original editable format as well as export your all your notes as PDFs to one of the following cloud storage providers: Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.


To select a cloud storage provider, go to Squid settings > Backup and restore > Cloud backup > Cloud storage provider. Once you select a cloud storage provider you can: configure backup and export intervals, initiate a backup or export, or restore a cloud backup.

Cloud locations

Squid stores your backed up and exported notes in the follow folder:

    • Google Drive: Squid
    • Box: Squid

      Note: Apps/Papyrus App was renamed to Squid in 4.0.15 (beta) and 3.11.0

    • Dropbox: Apps/Squid App

      Note: Apps/Papyrus App if you set up cloud backup before November 2021

The above folder contains folders matching the value of Squid settings > Backup and restore > Cloud backup > Cloud folder. Each of these folders contains two folders:

    • Backup - Contains all your notes and information needed to restore your notes to Squid in its original editable format (including folders). Please do not modify the contents of this folder in order to maintain the integrity of your backup!
    • PDFs - Contains all your notes exported as PDFs, which can be viewed on any platform.

The Cloud Backup premium feature is part of Squid Premium. Once purchased, the Cloud backup section of the Squid Settings (under Backup and restore) will be enabled.

If you're having trouble with Cloud Backup still being disabled after purchasing, see I purchased Cloud Backup. Why is it still disabled?

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