I received a prompt to uninstall and reinstall Squid, but after reinstalling, my backup was not automatically restored. How do I restore it?

Due to a bug in some Android devices, an app update sometimes does not get installed correctly. To fix this, it's required to uninstall and reinstall the app.

However, before uninstalling it's important to make sure you create a backup of your notes! 

Squid will detect when an update has not been installed correctly and prompt you to create a backup, then reinstall the app.

After reinstalling Squid, if you do not receive a prompt to restore the backup that was created before uninstalling, you can manually restore the backup by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Squid settings and tap Backup and restore
  2. Tap Local backup
  3. Tap Restore backup
  4. Choose your device's internal storage (you may need to tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left to open the navigation drawer)
  5. Tap the folder .data
  6. Tap the folder com.steadfastinnovation.android.projectpapyrus
  7. Tap the folder backup
  8. Tap the file papyrus.bak
  9. Tap Restore

Please be aware that restoring a backup will overwrite (delete) any existing notes you have in Squid, replacing them with the notes from the backup.

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